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Suzanne Tornquist

Suzanne is a Utah artist who has gained national recognition for her versatility as an artist and illustrator. Her images are published by Ethno Graphics, a national card company. She has just completed illustrating her second book for Redleaf Press.

Her parents were vacationing in Salt Lake City from their home in California when Suzanne was born. The Tornquist family settled in Utah and raised three daughters and one son.

Suzanne’s mother is an artist and her grandmother was an artist. Her sisters are both artists and now her daughter is pursuing an art career while living in Baltimore Maryland. “You might say paint runs in the family, yet each one of us have a different style.”

Suzanne’s style is about people, people from all different parts of the world, yet through her art she shows us how alike we all are.

Many galleries have shown her art including the renowned Springville Art Museum in Springville Utah. Her painting, "After The Wedding", is part of their permanent collection.

In 1998 Microsoft Corporation purchased twelve of her images to use within software applications. She contributes her time and talents to several charity organizations. Most recently she donated some of her original work to raise money for Haddasah, a Jewish women’s organization who's purpose is to provide funding for medical research and other facilities available to all denominations. Part of the proceeds of the cards painted for Ethno Graphics goes to ORT an organization dedicated to the educating and retraining of individuals to get suitable employment.

When she is not busy teaching children’s art classes, or playing with her dogs, one of which she claims is an Israeli Mountain Dog, or driving her 1967 Mustang convertible, or enjoying the company of her husband, she is working as an artist and illustrator for the Salt lake Newspaper Agency Corporation.

Announcing the birth of my new Grandaughter Zoe Olivia Miles

I have put my Mustang up for sale.
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Mario"a Pizza
Mother of the Bride

Equatorial Arts Gallery
Red Leaf Press

YES the art on these pages is for SALE

Originals, when available, range in price from $100 to $3900
color prints are available $35

giclee prints $129.95 and up

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Some of my art was inspired by a recent trip to New Guinea. If you would like to see photos of my trip

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