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Indonesian photos Asmat and Dani

by Michael Fletcher
PictureGraphics Inc.
agats_home asmat_boatman Asmat_boy asmat_canoes asmat_child
Agats_home.jpg Asmat_boatman.jpg Asmat_boy.jpg Asmat_canoes.jpg Asmat_child.jpg
asmat_house asmat_men asmat_mother asmat_tribesman asmat_wonder
Asmat_house.jpg Asmat_men.jpg Asmat_mother.jpg Asmat_tribesman.jpg Asmat_wonder.jpg
boardwalk bone_nose canoes_ready Dani_girl_Effa Dani_leader
boardwalk.jpg bone_nose.jpg canoes_ready.jpg Dani_girl_Effa.jpg Dani_leader.jpg
farmland fire_pit fire_starter hanging_out longboat
farmland.jpg fire_pit.jpg fire_starter.jpg hanging_out.jpg longboat.jpg
rivering river_crossing sago_maker shaving watchtower
rivering.jpg river_crossing.jpg sago_maker.jpg shaving.jpg watchtower.jpg

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